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No offense DIY ethos but the new album is on Fortuna POP! Free samples:

CDs of our first album, Mattachine!, are sold out.
However, the album is now available digitally on Bandcamp.

CDs of our second album, BEAR LIFE, are still available. Order one.
BEAR LIFE is also available digitally on Bandcamp.

Our third album, I Blame Society, was released on June 10.
The album is available on CD, vinyl, and digitally.

Odds and ends:

Mark Robinson's remix of "In My Head" is on Teen-Beat No. 1 Record Label.
A demo version of "Kitty" is on Your Wonderful Parade from Annika Records (Spain).
Greg's remix of "The Face of Everything" comes with Daniel Barrow's book No One Helped Me.

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