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"The 11 cuts on their self-released debut, Mattachine!, are literate, adult, slyly-permissive contemplations on not simply love, but rather modern romance’s quirks and moral ambiguities." -- NY Press

"In the face of the increasing mainstreaming of gayness, Mattachine! spelunks the often unrevealed vagaries of contemporary queer life. Recalling Holiday-era Magnetic Fields, these songs bop with heady buoyancy, yet are underpinned by complicated butt universal themes: self-deception, infidelity without shame, war fatigue and finding love in a world of online hookups. This is no list of laments; each song celebrates these quandaries." -- Time Out New York

"Totally brilliant, full of adorable, infectious songs that toe a line between 60s bubblegum pop and stylized 90s indie pop. Their orchestral pop is driven by brilliant melodies you can't believe haven't been used before." -- The L Magazine

"The Ballet excels in the sort of three-minute ear candy that boys and girls have been writing about each other for ages. That the band members so effortlessly co-opt the form to detail the gay scene is at once more interesting than the same old he-said/she-said and as casually revolutionary only in its universal likeability." -- Prefix Magazine